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Marketplace:  A Group Leader Showcase of Destinations

PBA continues to direct considerable time, effort, and resources to the promotion of travel and tourism both on an intrastate and interstate basis.  Each spring, the Association conducts a travel marketplace which represents a broad range of destinations, hotels, attractions and travel promotion agencies featured in an exposition setting.  This scenario affords an opportunity for motorcoach operators’ tour and charter personnel to establish contact with destination representatives, and to bring group leaders in contact with representatives of the travel-hospitality industry.  It is the most expansive state travel motorcoach marketplace of its kind in the country today.  More importantly, it has become a proven business stimulant for both PBA motorcoach operators and our Supplier Members who participate in the event.  ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  The Marketplace Directory, which is circulated to the group leaders and motorcoach operators attending Marketplace, accepts advertising which is circulated to all PBA supplier members.  Sponsorships are also available for this event to further showcase a travel supplier’s products or services.

Annual Meeting
The Association conducts an annual meeting which is devoted to education, communication of ideas, social interaction, and networking for all the membership categories including Travel Supplier, Associate, and Operator Members.  Breakout events include FAMS, Industry Expo and the Sales Retreat.

Workshops, Webinars and Seminars throughout the year, including the Motorcoach Safety & Preparedness Workshop and FMCSA 18-CARAT Workshop.

Leadership Sessions
One of the benefits of Pennsylvania Bus Association membership is the opportunity to attend our Leadership Sessions.  We host these special  sessions with topics related to the changing world of running a business, with the goal of helping you to run your business better.  Whether you manage a bus & motorcoach operation, manage a tourism destination, or supply products and services to the industry, these sessions are developed with you in mind.   

SPONSORSHIPS:    Sponsorship opportunities are available at all PBA Annual Meetings.  We work with the hosting site for some sponsorships and have several additional sponsorships available to those companies not in the hosting area.